Small and Medium sized businesses need to compete against larger businesses, apps can help!

Most people think apps cost $10,000 or $50,000 – and that is not true – NPSAPPS can make you app that is feature rich so your business can go mobile now.

For less than cost of mailer, magazine ads, newspaper ads and more…smaller businesses are the backbone of America!

Get the technology to make your business look cool, techie and market to your customers in the most popular device on earth!

What can you do….

  • Get an app for the iPhone, android and a mobile website all at the same time!
  • Geo-Targeting – Beacons –
  • Send out offers, coupons, event info and more!
  • Have a loyalty program
  • Location info – no matter how many locations you have
  • Show your goods and services to your existing customer and new customers
  • Show all your social media and reviews
  • customers can share you app with their friends
  • Your app will be completed and published in 30 to 40 days!

Consumers are on their phones 24-7 – people spend more time on their mobile phones more than computers, Mobile marketing is the way to your customer’s hearts. It is time to get your business into the app stores!

Look cool to your customers – make your business look cool and techie –

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