Nationwide Payment Systems announces NPSRENT
A new innovative way to collect rent, HOA fees, Condo fees and more, weather it’s residential or commercial, one property or 10,000, we have a solution! Roommates – no problem- we have a solution for that too!
Our solution saves you TIME and MONEY – we give your tenants more payment options and we are less expensive, more efficient & pay you faster then using a lock box service.
Landlords, get a free website and are able to send out invoices, emails and text messages to collect rent – and late fees are automated!
Fee Freedom Program allows the landlord who is paying the fees, most landlords opt to pick up the tab for ACH (Bank Accounts) and the tenants pay the fee for paying with a credit card. The landlord can choose how they want to arrange that.
We deposit to multiple bank accounts, link to multiple accounting systems and more!
Fill out the form on our website and we will contact you and get you in touch with an implementation department! – Easy to set up and Easy to run!
We also offer a referral program –
All the information is on our website!
Nationwide Payment Systems, providing payment solutions since 2001, Evolving technology for your business, check out this product at
Start collecting rent electronically, save TIME and MONEY!