If you offer a service or a product, offering online ordering through your mobile app might be just what your business needs. Business transactions happen in the blink of the eye and these days, everyone’s eyes are on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

We’ve talked about the First Screen phenomenon before on this blog but let’s talk a little about what it means for your business and online ordering. With the change of the “first screen” from computers and television to smartphones, we see power being placed in consumers’ hands. These consumers are absolutely in charge of what they buy, who they buy it from, and when they’re buying it. They can do so much, spend tons of money, and it’s all something that can be done from the comfort of their beds or couches.

With greater access to retail and restaurants comes greater amounts of “impulse buys”. Spontaneity plays an immense role in shopping. People make many of their mobile purchases the moment that the idea and desire hits them and very often, those purchases come out of nowhere. Triggered by commercials or even a character in a television show or movie mentioning a word that is vaguely related to their pending purchase, consumers are always on the edge of shopping and discovering new things.

Consumers buy more things simply because they can. It makes sense after all, that someone with their phone in-hand or next to them on the couch will tend to pick up their phone and head to their favorite mobile commerce app in order to spend their money, order food, or place a reservation.

If your business offers a service or product and you have a mobile app, consider incorporating online ordering as one of the features for your app. Why? Because online ordering drives new business. Whether you sell sheeting or snacks through your app, having an app with online ordering capabilities means that you’ve just turned your app into a one-stop shop. With a mobile app, you can use push notifications about deals and coupons that can be used in your app. Increasing business and impulse buying in a snap!

You’ve made your business more accessible. Your products or services will become something your app’s users will put effort into. You’ve made your app into something worth downloading because of people’s desire to shop from the comfort of their homes, offices, and in the middle of rush hour traffic.

So consider investing in online ordering and putting your product in your customers’ hands!


Here at NPSAPPS, we can link to your ordering service in the app itself so that your customers get access to ordering without having to leave your app for a second. For more information on what we do here at NPSAPPS and on opportunities for you and your business, feel free to make an appointment or set up a consultation.