Having just experienced Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey and dealing with business owners all over the United States we have clients in both areas of the country.

So we wanted to share with you some ideas of how to keep your family and your business safe during these storms.
Let’s talk about family first
Hurricane shutters and windows
Flood insurance – even if you are outside a flood zone
Lanterns, Flashlights and batteries
Extra Cell Phone batteries and a solar bank to charge phones and other stuff
Generator – having a generator is important and many home do not have on
Portable AC Unit or Window Unit – these are good with a small generator
Radio with crank
Tv with Rabbit ears
Internet – even with a hot spot – so many towers were down – Internet was not easy to get.
Water – while bottled water is always good – get some 5 gallon water bottles like the ones for a water cooler and fill in your tub or at a store for .25 cents.
Now some idea’s for Business Owners
Have a disaster plan for email and servers – have a mirrored location that won’t lose power or in another state – so your email and files are on the cloud.
Generators – restaurants – so many lost food and were not able to open for days due to the lack of power
Keep in touch with employees – using what’s app or another app so groups can communicate and stay in touch about what the plans are.
Internet – we recommend if you have a router – that you should put in a router with a 3G or 4G fail over with a pre-paid card so there is no monthly fee – that can keep you on the internet and computers running – many businesses had power and no Internet and even someone we talked to today is still with out internet
Credit Card Processing – above solution works
Also an emv device for your smart phone so you can still take payment $10 a month and we are offering these for FREE right now with your merchant account from one of our vendors.
or 3G credit card machine – which has a monthly fee
ATM Machines – we recommend using wireless communication all the time, but if you don’t have it for $30 a month you can upgrade now !
We also offer merchant financing options if you need some extra money to cover extra expenses and bills – contact us and we can get you set up with some options to get the cash you need to help with expenses – www.merchantworkingcapital.com
If you are interested in any of the services – contact us.
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