How to get more Business with GPS Check-Ins and QR Coupons…

GPS Check-In makes it possible for your customers to share their location on social media at times when they might want to let other people know where to get great food, products or service, such as when they’re visiting your establishment. Furthermore, when using this feature inside of your app, we’ve made it possible to give rewards for ‘checking in’ a certain number of times. A reward of your choice can be put in that will be activated once the user has ‘checked in’ to your GPS coordinates a certain number of times. QR Coupons are another way to offer a reward for being your customer. A QR code, as discussed in one of our other classes, is similar to a bar code that can be scanned by phone cameras and can link to a website or other information. You can print a QR code on anything that your market base will see; they can scan it with their phones to get a coupon.

How will GPS Check-Ins benefit you?

Pew Research did a study in 2012 on location based services. It states that almost three-quarters (74%) of smartphone owners get real-time location-based information on their phones as of February 2012, up from 55% in May 2011. This increase coincides with a rise in smartphone ownership overall (from 35% of adults in 2011 to 46% in 2012), which means that the overall proportion of U.S. adults who get location-based information has almost doubled over that time period—from 23% in May 2011 to 41% in February 2012.

Meanwhile, more smartphone owners are using geo-social services like Foursquare or Gowalla to “check in” to certain places and share their location with friends. Some 18% of smartphone owners use geo-social services on their phones, up from 12% in 2011. This translates to 10% of all adults as of February 2012, up from 4% in May 2011. So what does all this mean for you, you ask? Well, it means that as a business that has GPS check-ins available directly through your app, you would have easy access to a growing advertising resource. By ‘checking in’, your customers will be sharing their experience at your business with their friends, making it more likely that those friends will come to you for your products/services.

How will QR Coupons benefit you?

According to an October 2011 QR Codes survey by market research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, U.S. consumers are ready to scan QR codes for a variety of reasons:

  • 43% are willing to scan for coupons and discounts
  • 26% would scan for more information about a product or service
  • 23% would make a purchase or buy something online
  • 22% want more information about local events
  • 18% are interested in scanning to learn more about a brand

So, QR coupons will help bring awareness of your brand/products/services to potential customers and their friends. And will make people more likely to return to your business, because they’ll want to use the coupons you’re providing or go to the events you’re sharing.

How will GPS Check-Ins and QR Coupons benefit your customers?

By making available to your customers the ability to check in through social media or scan QR codes in order to receive rewards or information about your business, you make yourself easier to find by the social media market. This is a continually growing market base. And as it grows, news of your deals will spread, and your business will grow, in both new and returning customers. There’s nothing quite like being rewarded for returning to a company a person likes.

In conclusion…

GPS Check-Ins and QR Coupons are great rewards systems that will make your customers feel appreciated and increase the rate of return customers. Considering that a recent study found that mobile coupon users will total 1 billion by 2019, and there are already 560 million mobile coupon users, shouldn’t you be using GPS Check-ins and QR coupon


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