Beacon, a growing trend since 2013 when Apple first introduced iBeacon technology has been catching fire. BI Intelligence reported that beacons would be driving $44 billion in retail sales in 2016. The largest retailers that have apps – are using it – as soon as you pull into a shopping center, walk into a mall, or approach a store you are receiving messages, coupons and offers. Retailers, Real Estate, Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs have even begun to utilize this fast growing marketing method. Any size business can get into the game and do location based marketing or beacon marketing with NPSAPPS.
Retailers – customers pull into the parking lot of the shopping area you are located in and during a certain time of the day, day of the week or all the time – they receive a message with a great offer!

Real Estate – Your clients are looking for a new home and are driving around looking at houses – they have your app – and Bam! – They get a message with an address – they drive by and call you so they can see and buy the home!

Restaurants – Bars – Nightclubs – on your slow days – when your customers are driving by your place they get a message with a great offer – they pull in and spend money!

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To Beacon or Not to Beacon, Knowing About Excessiveness

Bugging people too often with numerous messages throughout the day might earn your app a one way ticket to the trashcan. Finding a good balance is important and delivering quality information and or offers/deals. You want to build loyalty with your customers and increase repeat visits to your business by rewarding them. Sending a beacon message or push notification just to send one is not a good way to keep in touch. Giving your users good coupon/deals/sales will bring them into your place of business.

Sending messages to the app is easy to use – no technical expertise is needed and it takes less than five minutes to set up a message. Messages can be set up in advance and be scheduled. Messages can also be set up in advance and scheduled when they are to be sent out.

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