Are you struggling to engage your customers? Sources say that 80%-90% of push notifications are read, as opposed to 3-5% for email blast campaigns. A business owner with an APP can actually reach out to their app users/customer base and reach them at almost any time. Push Notifications help develop brand awareness and build customer engagement. By utilizing the push notification feature in your app dashboard, you are driving traffic to your app and into your business.

  • Just like any messaging service, you don’t want to overdo it. No one likes spam messages; it’s a quick way to have your app uninstalled on your customer’s phone.
  • Schedule and rotate times. It’s important to note that you should never have a push notification sent out in the middle of the night. Determine your target audience by changing the times up to see which days and times work the best. Knowing when you receive more interaction will quickly help you understand when is the best time for your business to send a Push Notification.
  • Boost engagement – relevant messages are good, but customers download your app primarily for exclusive offers, discounts or sales.
  • Event Reminders & Announcements: Customer’s don’t mind being alerted to special events going on at your business. Increase loyalty by keeping users up to date so they don’t have to spend time looking the information up.
  • Geo-Targeting: This nice feature will allow you to target specific areas. In example, your parking lot or a 5 mile radius of your business. It’s handy to attract your customers if they are in your area.

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