After a few major conventions in the payment processing business have taken place, statistics are available on what is happening with merchants and EMV.

See chart below

Here are the top hurdles – from merchants

Here is what NPS can do for merchants

  1. Q: Processor Readiness

A: Our Processors are ready – we have multiple EMV solutions and more are on the way!


  1. Q: POS Terminals not ready

A: POS Terminals not ready – we have been into many merchant locations that EMV ready terminals but they are not loaded with the proper software – we can help and swap out your equipment at no charge**


  1. Q: Gateway Readiness 

A: Gateway Readiness – NPS has 2 gateways that are EMV ready and we have solutions – call and get a free consultation!


  1. Q: My Point of Sale Systems does not have an EMV Solution

A: My Point of sale systems does not have an EMV Solution, we have direct integration into several POS systems and we are semi-integrated in to many more! So NPS does have EMV Solutions for Restaurant, Hotel and Retail POS


  1. Q: We are not taking many loses so why make a change

A: We are not talking a lot of loses so why switch, scammers know which businesses have EMV and who does not have EMV and eventually they will work their way into your business – the businesses we see with the most loses are Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Clubs, High-End Retail, Electronics and then on a regional level, tourist areas, college towns and large cities.


  1. Q: We are taking loses – we don’t want to switch companies 

A: NPS offers to match or beat any rates that you have making it easy to switch over and GET EMV Compliant – we work with top banks and processors that can handle any size business!


NPS has the answers – we have been in the payment space since 2001 and we saw all of this coming!

We also offer hardware only programs as well – and if your processor is compatible with our system you can buy our hardware and just use our gateway services.

Nationwide Payment Systems recently exhibited at the Florida Restaurant Show and our product line Chipcard Go was chosen as one of the top 12 products and we were the only technology company that was recognized.