Chargeback Protection is NOW HERE!

Have an issue with chargebacks?

We are still seeing issues in retail, restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars and gas stations to name a few and we have the answer!

Who are you going to call? Chargeback Rescue –

How can we help!

Have an EMV machine Or You do not have an EMV machine?

We can help…

We offer chargeback insurance through a licensed insurance carrier, we offer two plans.

Gold – covers you up to $250.00

Platinum – covers you up to $1000.00

What types of businesses do we accept?

You have to be a card present merchants – retail , restaurant etc..

We do not currently offer a solution for non card present or Internet merchants.

What do we cover… a visit to our site will explain all the different chargeback reason codes that we cover – most are related to FRAUD and the Chip Liability Shift.

Sign up is easy we have a form on our site or give us a call.

Filing a claim is easy – just send us the chargeback letter and copy of the receipt, we will let you know if it is cover or not – we also can provide assistance in writing a chargeback letter if you are a member.


EMV or NO EMV  We have you covered!

In the case of a Chargeback, Merchants have a little to no protection, Until NOW!

Merchants now have Protection against Fraudulent Transactions,

EMV Liability Shift, Fallback, and even Chargeback Fees!