Hurricanes – Power Outages and more…

Having just experienced Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey and dealing with business owners all over the United States we have clients in both [...]

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NPS Tech Newsletter I june 23th, 2017

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NPS Tech Newsletter | June 6th, 2017

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Best Practices for EMV Education & Training

The U.S. is in the midst of a major transition to EMV, or “chip card” technology, as other countries across the world have [...]

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Women of Inspiration | North Miami Police Officer of the Day Proclamation

Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce Vice Chairman David Burney, President of Nationwide Payment Systems, Assistant Chief of North Miami Police Larry Juriga & Assistant [...]

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What Is EMV?

EMV – which stands for Euro-pay, MasterCard and Visa, the three companies that started this standard –is the Global Standard for chip technology [...]

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NPS Tech News Letter | May 12, 2017

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PCI Compliance: What Every Merchant Needs to Know

PCI Compliance Here are the basic questions that we always get asked – How do I get compliant – contact your credit card [...]

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ATMs Branding

Use our ATMs to promote your business to a targeted audience. Just like billboards and retail signage are used to promote goods and [...]

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May 2017 Unique Holidays For Marketing

1 May Day 1 Loyalty Day 1 Mother Goose Day 1 Save the Rhino Day 2 Baby Day 2 Brothers and Sisters Day [...]

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