Hurricanes – Power Outages and more…

Having just experienced Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey and dealing with business owners all over [...]

NPS Tech Newsletter I june 23th, 2017

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NPS Tech Newsletter | June 6th, 2017

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Best Practices for EMV Education & Training

The U.S. is in the midst of a major transition to EMV, or “chip card” [...]

NPS Tech News Letter | May 25, 2017

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Women of Inspiration | North Miami Police Officer of the Day Proclamation

Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce Vice Chairman David Burney, President of Nationwide Payment Systems, Assistant [...]

What Is EMV?

EMV – which stands for Euro-pay, MasterCard and Visa, the three companies that started this [...]

NPS Tech News Letter | May 12, 2017

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PCI Compliance: What Every Merchant Needs to Know

PCI Compliance Here are the basic questions that we always get asked – How do [...]

NPS Tech News Letter | April 28th, 2017

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ATMs Branding

Use our ATMs to promote your business to a targeted audience. Just like billboards and [...]

May 2017 Unique Holidays For Marketing

1 May Day 1 Loyalty Day 1 Mother Goose Day 1 Save the Rhino Day [...]

How to deal with POS EMV Chargebacks in Your Business…

Six months after the October 2015 Liability Shift – merchants are experiencing a harsh reality [...]

NPS Tech News Letter | April 14th, 2017

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April 2017 Unique Holidays For Marketing

1 April Fool's Day 1 International Fun at Work Day 1 International Tatting Day 2 [...]

NPS Tech Newsletter | March 30th, 2017

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Greater Miami Symphonic Band Awards NPS

Greater Miami Symphonic Band recognizes Nationwide Payment System as a key sponsor for [...]

Newest Multi-location Restaurant App “Garlic Knot Pizza”

NPSAPPS is pleased to introduce to you its newest multi-location restaurant app, Garlic Knot Pizza. [...]

NPS Tech News Email | March 14th, 2017

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March Unique Holidays For Marketing

March, 2017 Daily Holidays, Special and Unique Days: 1 Ash Wednesday - date varies 1 National [...]

What Can the Hospitality Industry Do to Stop Chargebacks & Become EMV Compliant?

Despite growing risk many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and franchises are citing cost and inconvenience [...]

NPS Tech News Letter | Feb. 24th 2017

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Great Push Notification Tips

Are you struggling to engage your customers? Sources say that 80%-90% of push notifications are read, as [...]

February 2017 Bizarre and Unique Holidays

American Heart Month An Affair to Remember Month Black History Month Canned Food Month Creative [...]

Congratulating Officer of the Year: Alanzo Rhymer!

Congratulations to Officer Alanzo Rhymer of the North Miami Police for being awarded [...]

Celebrating the Start of 17 Years in Business

We're starting our 17th year in business! It was on January 4th, 2001 when Allen Kopelman and Dave [...]

NPS Tech News Letter | Jan. 5th 2017

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Why Small Businesses Need an App!

Small and Medium sized businesses need to compete against larger businesses, apps can help! Most [...]

Happy New Year

Cyber Security Alert | Yahoo Breach Precautions

Yahoo disclosed recently that over 1 Billion accounts were hacked. There have been several data [...]

NPS Tech News Letter | Dec. 20th 2016

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How Long Does It Take to Get Your App Approved?

Once your app is finished, which takes about 4 to 6 weeks. Your app is [...]

Mobile Apps Are the New Platform

Are mobile applications set up to replace websites as household names? All signs point to [...]

How to get more Business with GPS Check-Ins and QR Coupons…

How to get more Business with GPS Check-Ins and QR Coupons… A GPS Check-In makes it possible [...]

Chargebacks – It’s All About that CHIP!

We get phone calls every day – "We're getting chargeback’s and we are losing them!" [...]

Make The Most out of Online Ordering

If you offer a service or a product, offering online ordering through your mobile app [...]

Growing Business Trend – Beacon – Marketing

Beacon, a growing trend since 2013 when Apple first introduced iBeacon technology has been catching [...]

EMV 2016 – A Year Later – Update

After a few major conventions in the payment processing business have taken place, statistics are [...]

How Do You Tell Your Story Using Social Media?

Social Media has become a major marketing tool. You can’t expect your product to break [...]

Why Your Franchise Should Have an App?

NPSAPPS has worked with several multi-location and franchise owners on apps. One of the main [...]

Restaurant Spending and Mobile Engagement is on the Rise

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce data, since March 2015, Americans have spent more [...]

Working Capital – Money for Your Business Needs –

Do you need to buy anything for your business? Or do you need [...]

Nationwide Payment Systems Announces – ChipCard Go!

Nationwide Payment Systems launches ChipCard Go! – A revolutionary product for the credit [...]

Get Your Customers to Download Your App

Incentives: the key word to getting your customer to download your app. Customers are driven [...]

EMV & Chargebacks – What is New That You Need to Know?

New Chargeback Rule - this is a must read! October 2016 A new rule from [...]